sobbat DRIVE Breaker ODB-1S

Based on ODB-1 channel of DB-4R,
Slightly different nuance than existing sobbat, this pedal is designed to distortionof clarity tactile sense with transparency.
Turn the drive around the center if you are a type of guitarist who controls the sound with picking touches.
When you mainly play cutting style, you can obtain crispy distortion with setting the gain less than the center.
Of course, even if the lead guitarist puts drive at a position more than the center,
You can get sustain with distortion with transparency.
It features a wide range that can correspond to a wide range of music styles.


2018 Apr Discontinued


  • Overdrive
  • size: 60.05mm(W)×112mm(D)×31mm(H)
  • Power Supply :9 Volts DC or 6F22/006P 9V(battery)
  • Current Draw: 20mA
  • Impedance:In / Out : In 3MΩ / Out 100Ω
  • How to put in the Battery

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Limited Edition

S series 2016/12/1 on sale