sobbat DRIVE Breaker DB-2S

Miniaturized DRIVE Breaker DB-2, modifyied focusing on distortion degree, EQ range and noise reduse.
In DB-2S, while maintaining the conventional feeling of playing,
the distortion component is adjusted to feel clear so that it can correspond to verious Styles.
It is the birth of a new DRIVE Breaker that supports home DAW and Jazz Chorus which is standard in the live house and the studio.
**The original DB-2 is recommended for those who require rhythm guitar and LOW / HIGH emphasis riff / solo with one unit.
**NEW model DB-2S is recommended for those who require Crunch rhythm guitar and play solo work using as booster.


2018 Apr Discontinued


  • OverDrive
  • size: 60.05mm(W)×112mm(D)×31mm(H)
  • Power Supply :9 Volts DC or 6F22/006P 9V(battery)
  • Current Draw: 20mA
  • Impedance:In / Out : In 3MΩ / Out 100Ω
  • How to put in the Battery

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Limited Edition

S series 2016/12/1 on sale